Meditation Experiences

You start to see yourself, the way you are in all aspects of your life

The cool thing about this meditation method is that it has this ability to show you who you are from a much bigger perspective than yourself. It is really hard to see yourself as yourself, so the method has this way of showing yourself from a bigger perspective. Then you get to reflect on yourself on how you actually are and you see things in yourself. And I saw things in myself that I did not realize that I had before the method. I think that is one of the biggest strength of this meditation. Speaking from my own experience, I found it really hard to bring big changes within myself but this method has helped me get rid of my habits and useless negative thoughts.
I am definitely happier now and also just more relaxed. I feel better within myself and that is the best way to define happiness for me. Also, I am more focused. I mean I work with computers and it is important to have patience and really be able to focus throughout the day. I work with my head the whole day, thus it is so important to be able to be relaxed within myself. Not always trying to move, not always thinking about something else, just staying put; and the meditation has definitely helped me with that.
The meditation has also improved me as a husband and father. One problem that I think in many relationships I find is; you have this expectation of the other to give you something the whole time. You want to get something from that person. And I think the meditation has changed that perspective for me and my wife. It is now more about putting in the work yourself without underlying expectations for one another. Also, this meditation has changed the way I see my children. I seem them more as the way they are than I did before as a parent and as a father. There was a certain bias that came with the strong attachment that I had for my children. Getting rid of that, I think you start to see your family in a more realistic way. This is also good for the kids, because they feel that and they feel actually more relaxed around me.

Hjörtur H. / Web Developer / Stockholm, Sweden
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I have found my true self

Before I started with this meditation, I was a bit of a seeker och read many books regarding
spirituality and meditation. I felt many of them were great – while I was reading them; but as soon as
I had finished each book, the satisfaction was gone, and there was nothing left. I had read about the
human mind being the root of a lot of evil, and that one therefore should get rid of it. But how? None
of those books had any answers to offer.
To my great happiness I found a pamphlet, where this meditation encouraged “Throw away your
mind! Change it to the universe mind! We have the method.” This immediately rang true to me. The
meditation is simple, nothing strange. It turned out that one was to work only on oneself and throw
away the mind bit by bit.
Now that I have passed all the seven levels of the meditation it feels great having thrown away the
pictures in my mind and having gotten peace of mind. Worrying and anxiety have disappeared, and I
feel happier. I have also come to realize what the meaning and purpose of life is. I am still me, but a
more true me.
I am very grateful for the meditation, and I can sincerely recommend it to each and everyone.

Jan J., Doctor / Stockholm
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Meditation is my lifesaver

I started to practice this meditation on my friend’s recommendation. My friend told me the purpose of this method is to empty one’s mind and make it cleaner.

It aroused my curiosity immediately: hearing of not putting any more data in my already-overloaded head… it aroused my curiosity immediately. Ups and downs, worries, wrong choices, books… In short, life itself did nothing but burdened me day after day, which has got me suffocated slowly. Some events just happen in life regardless of if I want it or not. There were days when strange anguish devoured my heart to which I could not give a clear connotation. I sometimes cried not because I was depressed but because I had no way to answer those questions: “What did I do wrong in life?” “Why did it happen to me?” “What’s wrong with me?” … I was just like a person longing for a rescue in the middle of the sea. Meditation was my lifesaver. Daily meditation practice has spontaneously solved my dilemmas.

Now, I am calmer and the world around me is calmer. Before meditation, my judgements and preconceptions dirtied the world. It made my world gloomy and sad. I now see the world regain its true colours. People I interact with are happier. I see their faces more relaxing than stiff. I work with less anxiety and more energy. Even if some pains bother me I am able to accept them as they are. I no longer quarrel with my colleagues or with people in general. I no longer have any reason to do so. I can understand their point of view sincerely. Before, I forced myself to understand them but now I feel I am capable of understanding them heartily. You can call it as a change, evolution or transformation. This is what happens with me truly. I can only describe my feeling as grateful when I think of the day when I met this meditation.

I humbly appreciate and hope that more people start to practice this meditation.

Thank you.

Armando / Genua
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I have found what I was looking for

My whole life, I have been looking for the purpose of life. Why are we born, live and die? Why is there so much suffering and violence in the world, intolerance against people who are different and mistrust against each other? I have read hundreds of books, studied different religions, and tried out different spiritual practices. All of them point in the same direction: they require man to give up his ego and return to the source and foundation, and that everyone in reality is a part of a greater whole, a creator. I have understood everything, and with help from these teachings developed my own belief. However, I could not become one with the creator or understand the reason of the universe, since no one could show me the way.
I found this meditation through a friend, who told me that this meditation has a method. Unfortunately, the closest center was in Paris. Despite the long distance, and the innumerable journeys from Geneva to Paris, I went to the meditation on a regular basis. Finally, I had found a method that showed me the way! What a joy! I have escaped from the prison of my mind, and recovered my true identity. I always feel light and happy despite all misery in the world. I am deeply grateful to this meditation.

Shelly V. / Geneve
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Never depressed again

Money, career, love, family, health, future, success… these things are what we all care about, am I right? Especially when you are young and you try to make your way into society. Nowadays, you have to be innovative, proactive, experienced, independent, creative, polite, energetic, ambitious, competitive, hard worker,… it’s like the list goes on and on with no end.

So, as I was quite ambitious and perfectionist, the kind who always says “I’ll be fine“ and “I can handle it“, I found myself depressed just before my 25th birthday. The irony of the situation is that I already was into meditation at that time. I was actually pretty aware of how far I was pushing myself, but anyway I decided to ignore all the signs that my body was sending me.

Still, my situation brought me into thinking: how did that happen? I live in a good country, with good working conditions and economy, my family loves me and I have wonderful friends. I have everything to be happy! What’s wrong with me? That’s how I lost it completely. I couldn’t bear the idea that my happiness would only depend on what was going on in my life. It had to be more somewhere, I couldn’t help but thinking that we, human beings, were on the wrong trails for a long time.

So I decided to quit everything and go to some country where I could meditate. The main reason why I got depressed was that I wasn’t able to listen to myself, right? To avoid being into this situation again, I had to discover who I really was. I had no idea how I would do that! Therefore, right after having booked my flight to Cambodia and my accommodation, I booked a meditation course. I contacted a korean meditation center, which I found on Google, and the helper responded immediately to my email, inviting me to an introductory meditation seminar.

Usually, I would think: Yeah, I know how meditation works, you don’t need to introduce it to me. However, if I truly knew everything about it, I wouldn’t be in the middle of South East Asia, running away from my problems, would I? So, I went to the seminar with an open mind. When I arrived to the center and I learned that the method was a way to find your true self, it seemed like I found what I was looking for. That’s how on the very next day, I booked my flight ticket to South Korea.

This meditation is the best gift you can give to yourself. If, like me, you have time and money to spend on a meditation retreat, just go to the main center in Korea and get a full, authentic and mind-blowing experience. Come back to your family with the universe mind. If you cannot do that, then register in your local center and do it according to your occupations. Now, I know for sure that I will never, ever be depressed again, not even slightly, because I was able to throw all the causes of my burden away. Everyone should do this meditation, because everyone deserves to be happy. Just book it already, don’t wait any longer!

Melanie C. / Paris
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My negativity is gone

I found that I was able to release a lot of anger, shame and fear in my life. I found intense feelings of abandonment within my mind that I never knew existed before and it was finally released. I threw away many negative attitudes I had lived with for years. During my life, I didn’t know that I had them, but once I found it through meditation, I was able to discard. Those negativities are completely gone. Now I feel more peaceful, hopeful and happy.

Understanding the world was important to me. Consequently, I lived in my head a lot. I was always thinking, evaluating and criticizing. Since my mind was always busy, I never felt I could rest. I still have many curiosities in this world, but now there is less chatter in my head after doing this meditation. I feel like there’s more room in my head; it is clearer, calmer and I have become less judgmental. There were always people at work and in my community that really annoyed me but now they don’t bother me anymore. I can see our differences so I don’t have the negative feelings towards them, nor do I have those negative feelings in my body. The pain and psychological wounds from the past are just not there anymore. My relationships are much better, especially with my children and the closest people. I can even look back my childhood and understand it from a much larger point of view instead of my own self-centered point of view. I no longer feel the pain from those old conflicts.

I am so happy to have found this meditation method. I find it more effective, more economical and deeper than any other therapy. It is a self-paced method and has brought me an inner calmness, compassion, and clarity. Moreover it is really simple yet works. It also differs from other meditations in that it actually has an end. I look forward to the day when I have successfully released all the clutter in my mind and I can experience the world as it truly is.

June M / New York
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Complete change

This meditation has helped me with so much, that I don’t even know where to begin. Before I met this meditation, I was completely stuck inside my thoughts and emotions. My thoughts always revolved around how I could become successful, happy, beat others, impress others, etc. I constantly compared myself with others and was only satisfied if I was the best. When I wasn’t “the best” – which most often was the case – I felt worthless, sad, and angry. I often suffered from severe anxiety.

I was constantly – yes, constantly – thinking of the purpose of my life and wondered what I was doing here. In my darkest moments, I wondered if there was any purpose in continuing living. I read self-help books, attended therapy sessions, and eventually grew more and more interested in spirituality. I read countless of books and tried to “figure out” how the world works, what the purpose of my life is, etc. I gained some insights through this, but I didn’t change as a person. I was just as competitive and envious as ever before. Besides, I started to look down on people who didn’t share my interest in these “higher” matters.

One day, I picked up a brochure from Stockholm Meditation. I kept it in my office for some time, when I suddenly one evening felt a strong urge to start meditating. I contacted the center, and I could come for an introduction the very same day. Since that day, I have been meditating more or less daily. It has been a little more than five years now.

Through this meditation, I could finally reflect on myself and the way I had lived my life. I have been able to see that I have only lived for my own dreams, without consideration to others or the world. I have been able to realize that my anxiety came from my huge inferiority and the mask of pride that I wore to protect the shame I felt within. It was from time to time a painful process to break everything down, but I feel so grateful today. I feel free and light. I have gained deep realizations – not with the head, but with the heart, my inner being – about how the world exists – that everything is one – and how everything is one. These are huge realizations that I would never have been able to have even after thousands of years of thinking or studying. I now have a clear purpose and direction in life. I don’t get stuck in negative thoughts or emotions, and I take every moment and circumstance as a gift. For the first time in my life, I can feel compassion with others and experience true gratitude.

I recommend everyone to do this meditation.

Michael L. / Stockholm
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Improved relationships

My relationship with my family was rough before the meditation. I had a lot of resentment toward my parents because I felt that they didn’t love me and they loved my brothers and sister. I came to realize that I only remembered the negative experiences over the years and never really saw the positive things they did for me. Due to that, we were not in talking terms.

However, the meditation has allowed me to reconnect with my parents and I even arranged a trip to visit them in Vietnam for two weeks. They were unsure of my motives and just how genuine I was, but the visit was so wonderful. We apologized to each other, we laughed, we cried. I was able to truly apologize to my parents for all the pain I caused them. Before I could never say I was sorry or that I was wrong. Now, I am able to have a loving relationship with my family. I am able to tell them I am sorry and that I love them. I don’t feel sorry for myself like I did before when things didn’t go the way I wanted it to. I truly have more love and understanding for people.

Out of the family, my whole outlook and perspective on life has improved drastically. I find that I enjoy my job more, my children more, even myself more. I have a deeper love, appreciation, and compassion for all people I encounter. I feel so fortunate to be part of such an amazing organization and know in my heart that this meditation has the power and ability to heal those who choose to open their hearts. From my amazing experience, I encourage everyone to give the Meditation a try to find true happiness.

Xuan H / Maryland, USA
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A journey back to the origin

My life in general was not much different from the others’, not that special but not that bad either. Twenty years ago, I suffered from depression for the first time. Back then I was living alone, unemployed, preparing for a civil service exam which I wasn’t even sure if I really wanted the job. I felt so lonely, sad, miserable and hopeless that I couldn’t continue the study.

Luckily with some help I could gradually overcome it. My life went back to normal. However, the experience of depression came back to my thoughts from time to time, making myself worrying about what if it would come back again. These worrying moments were not seriously painful but slowly consumed me, which I only realized after I started this mediation.

Eight years ago I could feel that the depression was coming back. It felt so strong and I got scared. I couldn’t understand why since there was nothing wrong with my life. I had a very good job, good relationship with people around me, and no financial difficulties. That didn’t make any sense to me, so I was confused and felt lost. At the same time, I started to think about why I was living. I couldn’t find what is the meaning of my life. If I was going to live like this for the rest of my life, what is the point? I couldn’t answer this question.
Then I started this meditation. It explained why and what to do. I just followed the method, reflecting on myself and discarding whatever I had inside. I started to see that everything came from within, not from outside. So the solution must come from within myself. I would say that this is a journey back to the origin, a journey full of gratitude.

Now I know what is the meaning of my life. And I know how I want to live, making my time meaningful and valuable. I don’t feel depressed, confused or lost any more since I am a completely different person from who I was. That makes me smile in a calm, peaceful manner.

Sunjin J. / Stockholm
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All these benefits

After the first week of meditation, I was able:

  • to believe: the meditation gave me the ability to believe in me.
  • to feel remorse: I realized that my thoughts and feelings were self-centered; I felt remorseful.
  • trust: I could start to trust.
  • to train: the meditation proved to me that I can train my mind and change it.
  • to see: my eyes got open, so that I could start to see.
  • to live: I got hope, hope that it is possible to live truly.
Emmanuelle T. / Paris
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