Meditation Experiences

Positive thinking is on the agenda!

Since about nine months I have been meditating with very good results! My life has become much calmer, and I look at many things in a more positive way. The situations that used to annoy me previously, I can handle better, and I have much more understanding for others. Before, I could only see myself from my own perspective, but now I realize that many things were false.

Seeing my own faults and understanding the causes motivates me even more! I am very, very grateful for that.

The meditation and the method are a miracle! Thank you!

Marek G / Berlin
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Awakening to a happy life

My name is Patricia, and I would like to share my life experience before and after having met this meditation method.

Since childhood I always felt very insecure in front of people. However, as I was doing very well in school, I quickly got used to having a certain reputation and getting the love and admiration of people through my achievements.
I always felt it was my duty to improve the economic situation of my family. Over the years, I achieved a good career, a good job, and with that came economic security. However, this was not enough, I still felt a void in my heart, something that did not let me be completely happy, and, well, who is happy one hundred percent?! I said to myself.
It was there that my search began to fill the internal emptiness, trying out a little of everything that was presented to me, such as yoga, reiki, sport, Bach flowers, psychologist, self-help books, going back to church, trying to understand the Bible, etc. I jumped from one thing to another, finding temporary relief. My friends told me that if I had a child, I would be completely happy, but I did not like the idea of putting the weight of my happiness on another being, one who had not even been born.
During the last years, I focused almost entirely on my career thinking that professional fulfillment could fill this void. What I managed to do was to stress myself to such an extent that my body became ill. Besides, no matter who I was with, I felt profoundly lonely and very low. One night when I got home after work, I found a brochure about this meditation in the reception of the building where I live, and I decided to try it, although I had no idea what it was. When I came to the local center, I was surprised over all the affection with which I was received. The affection was given to me without the people knowing me; I did not have to earn it, they only gave it to me. When they explained the meditation method, I found it very logical and easy, so I started, sharing my time between work and the center. Within a few months, my partner also began to meditate, perhaps intrigued to get to know what was so special about this which made me come home very late every night.

As I progressed in the meditation, I was realizing how wrong my life had been, and that everything that had happened in the past and the worries regarding the future never had made any sense. So, I decided to give all my effort and dedication to the meditation, which is why I left my family and my work and, encouraged by the center’s assistants, went to Korea. Now I can see that the pride with which I grew up and the constant search for acceptance, recognition and love only accounted for how self-centered I had lived. I realized that until now the world had revolved around me, and that the great feeling of inferiority was the root of all this. Although I always considered myself generous with material things, I managed to see that over the years I had accumulated a great attachment to money, because of the fear of the possibility of not having it in the future.
As I cleaned my mind, I also understood why every event in my life had happened, and I found meaning in all things. When I reached the fourth level of meditation something magical happened, and for the first time I was certain that I had never been alone, that God was in my heart. I experienced a tranquility as great as never before. From then on, my mood improved considerably, and I was in a kind of permanent “state of happiness”. I never cried again because of feeling sad or lonely, which previously used to happen very often. Now I devote every day to clear my mind, according to the method that has been given to us. One by one I discard each useless thought which I have kept in my mind all these years, and I can feel that each time the backpack that I carry becomes lighter. Now, when I think of the life I lived a couple of months ago, it is like I am recalling an old movie, a movie that I have seen many times; so it gets more and more blurred, and it does not make sense to see it once again.
I am very grateful to the assistants at the meditation center in Chile, because they have always encouraged me to continue – with their love, their joy, their positivity. Many thanks to the life that guided me here, thanks to the method of meditation that changed, and every day continues changing my way of seeing things. I wish that all people could experience what I have experienced, because happiness in this life is possible.

Patricia / Santiago de Chile
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I have found the answer

From an early age, I was extremely interested in the different aspects of life. I often wondered how people could feel different levels of happiness or sadness even though their circumstances were similar.

I knew deep down that my life was good; I was healthy and things went my way. Why wasn’t I thankful or even blissful just being and living? It was hard for me to fall asleep. It was like I couldn’t turn my mind off. As I got older, I would feel more worried and stressed but I felt that I had no one and nothing to blame for that. It had to come from inside of me, right?

This is why I looked for meditation, and since I found this meditation I have stopped searching for the answer. I have found it and it has changed my life. I sleep well, I feel lighter and lighter as I throw out the cluttered mind and I understand where all the troubles come from. They are in my head! And what to do? I throw them out and get rid of them. It really works!

Hildur I / Stockholm
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